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The Role of the Key Person

At Preschool we believe it is really important to allow the child to choose who they would like their key person to be, this is done through our careful settling in process. We will initially allocate a member of the team to spend time with parents and the child during their settle sessions, to find out key information, to play and interact and to build those first initial relationships, however, if this person is not right for your child, we follow their lead, through observation during the first 2 weeks of settling in.

We find that the process helps parents feel at ease during the settling process, and involves both them and their child at the heart of the settling process.

Whilst all Early Years Professionals within the child's age room care for the children collectively each day, understanding each child as an individual, their needs and their interests, the key person is usually the person who is responsible for the child's development and sharing this with you as parents.

Over time, the child's key person will observe, track and assess your child to form a holistic picture of their development to share with their next stage of learning or with you as parents. From time to time, this can also be essential to share with external professionals such as health visitors, Speech and language and behavioural specialists, however, this is always done with parental consent.

During the observation, tracking and assessment process we focus our Key Worker's time as early years professionals around quality time to play and interact with the children to really understand their development stage, and therefore have better sound knowledge of them as individuals rather than spending time completing extensive records.

We also operate a 'buddy system' this allows information regarding development to also be shared with other members of the team so that collectively they can provide activities that will benefit all children in the age room. If your child's 'key person' is absent the 'buddy' will take over and know all information relating to your child.

With your child's key person you are able to share your worries, concerns or wow moments with and in turn we will share those with you creating a partnership with parents and families with the children at the centre.

We operate an 'Open door' policy at all times, so should you wish to speak with your child's key person, they are available to talk, or make an appointment for later to do so.

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