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Starting Pre-school ..

It all starts with an enquiry... We have our own 'Contact' section on this website and you can request a call back, to which one of the team will email or give you a call to further discuss your interest as soon as possible. From there we can book you in for a tour of the setting and allows us time to tell you more about us as a early years provider and of course allows you to ask as many questions as you want- the more the merrier.

Securing a place & When to do this... Once you have decided that you would like a place here with us at Coton Green Church Preschool please register your interest by completing a 'personal data form' and a 'session request form' Once both are received, we can then assess your child's data following all data protection guidelines and plan ahead for your child's learning journey with us. Some parents secure their child's place as soon as they are born or very close to the time of starting preschool but all we will advise you of is that places do fill fast so it is best to get your enquires in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

We offer placements for 2-5 year olds, we accept THINK2 funding and 3-4year funding; inncluding universal 15 hours and extended 30 hours. Please make us aware if your child is eligible for funding when registering interest.

Settles Sessions We would always recommend some settle sessions for you child as this allows them to get used to the new environment, people, children and routine. Usually we recommend up to 2 settling sessions for each child, within the week before their start date to allow time for them to settle, however, if your child needs more this is fine. Our settle sessions are 2 hours long and can be held with parents, or parents are able to stay for a little while then sneak out when comfortable. We use 'All about me forms' to gather important information on your child and their routine as well as discussions with parents during their settling in period. I am sure this seems daunting but the process is there to support your child. The settle sessions are arranged to suit pre-school routine. What should i pack each day? This is what we recommend you pack in their bag daily:

- Coat (weather appropriate) - Lots of spare clothes (appropriate for the weather) -Nappies, Wipes and Cream (if needed) - Comforters - if necessary (We will pop these into their bags once they have settled to keep them safe and clean) -Wellies (to stay at preschool) - Hat & Gloves (Winter) - Sunhat & Sun Cream (Summer) - Spare pants - Spare socks


If your child is staying past 12noon you must bring a lunchbox daily, this should be a healthy packed lunch consisting of savoury foods and fruit. Here are some popular lunchbox ideas for inspiration;

-Sandwiches - choice of filling



-Pasta - we are unable to reheat foods

-Crisps - low in salt

-Fruits - please ensure all grapes are chopped vertically.

-Veggie sticks


-Oat/cereal bars

We do not advise you to pack sweets, chocolate or foods/snacks which are particularly high in salt or sugar content.

We are a NO NUTS setting due to allergies.

*Please also bring a water bottle for your child filled with water, we advise against squash - if your child prefers flavoured drinks please use sugar free options. NO fizzy drinks.

The tears This is completely normal. Most children often get upset when leaving their primary carers but we promise they do not cry the whole time they are settling (and if they were, we'd always give you a call to end the settle early- if you'd wish). We give lots of cuddles and help distract the child and let them know they are safe. Children will do things in their own time, and that is the same with settling in. All children are individual and that is what makes them unique, some take a while to settle, some settle straight away, but rest assured, there is nothing we have not seen or not dealt with before. We as the Early Years Professionals are here to support your children and YOU as parents, in those settling stages which can be unsettling for all. Feel free to call as many times you like throughout the day! If you have any questions relating to starting preschool, please do let us know or send an enquiry through the Contact section on our website and we will get back to you.

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