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Signing in the Early Years..

To support communication and language within our children here at preschool we have introduced signing as part of our learning programme.

Some children who attend our setting have additional support with speech and language both in house and externally with Speech and Language Therapists.

We set them targets to work on which are realistic and achievable for their age and stage and take guidance from their support workers.

Parents are involved in all processes to understand what we are doing to support their child additional to every day learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Introducing signing was a great idea from one of our Early Years Professionals who has a passion to bring out the best in all children, and is therefore an alternative way for children to communicate.

All children have the chance to take part in our signing activities throughout the setting.

We will be using a 'Sign of the Week' and displaying this in our collection areas for parents too so that you can continue learning at home.

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