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Observation, tracking and assessment process..

Here at preschool we operate systems by where our team of skilled Early Years Professionals form developmental reviews on your child throughout their learning and development journey with us here at Coton Green Church Preschool.

Whenever your child may join us, whether it is as soon as they turn two years, or closer to starting school we begin their learning journey....

On starting preschool we hold essential settling in sessions with children and their parents/carers, enabling practitioners and key workers to build relationships with both, and to find out vital information about the child as an individual to form a 'starting point' or baseline of development for us to work from.

We collect developmental information from parents through an 'All about me' questionnaire detailing key aspects of current development milestones and form initial judgements from this.

The key worker will then begin to observe the child during their settling in period, closely monitoring the prime areas of learning - Personal social and emotional skills, communication and language and physical skills, after around 2-4 weeks of settling the child's key worker will then begin to 'Track' the child using a system by where we mark off when a child can confidently complete a statement or area from the EYFS using age appropriate guidance and in turn highlighting 'gaps' in their development, of which will form targeted activities and 'Next Steps' which are set throughout the term/year to share with you as parents and work on together as partners to support your child's development.

The 'Tracker' is regularly reviewed by your child's key worker, statements are only marked as achieved when the child has been seen to confidently complete this more than 3times.

Next steps are sent home to parents at regular intervals throughout the year, when completing and updating the child's tracker and identifying those gaps in learning which may require additional support and focus time both in house and through home learning, we are able to provide you as parents activities, resources etc. to support those next steps and enhance the learning, hoping to effectively close this gap and mark off as achieved through effective and collaborative teaching and learning.

Once enough evidence has been obtained through observation and tracking your child's key worker will begin to complete a holistic assessment on your child, highlighting each completed statement on a simple flower diagram which is clear and concise as evidence for development. This can clearly be shared with external agencies (with permission) new settings, reception teachers and parents at key times of transition, along with a personalised summary from the child's key worker. Should you wish to obtain a copy of this at any time throughout the term or year, please ask your child's key worker.

2 year reviews - these are completed with your local health visitor around 27 months for all children, you should be contacted to make an appointment with your health visitor and should notify us of the date. We will then prepare a developmental review to take with you to your appointment from our point of view as Early Years Professionals, this provides the health visitors with key information from the early years setting and support for any areas where you may need extra help e.g. speech and language.

Additional support for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - where your child has an identified additional need, we will work together with you as parents, and external agencies where necessary to form targeted development plans for children which are reviewed regularly. Children will be set SMART targets over a period of time which are realistic and achievable for them within their capabilities. All children with SEN will have additional reviews and plans in place to support their development as individuals.

Regular meetings will be held with external agencies, parents and between the setting SENCO and child's key worker to ensure progression is being made, and targets are suitable. If you have concerns over your child and wish to speak to our setting SENCO Sally, we operate a SENCO Drop In on Thursdays 1:30-2:30, please pop along to the setting, no appointment needed.

For parent support, advice and understanding of the EYFS please see the following supportive documents;

Download PDF • 2.73MB

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