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Literacy and home learning..

We have a passion for Literacy and promoting those early skills in children here at preschool.

Alongside this, we also want to support children's home learning and our partnership with parents through this. Therefore, we created our Library Book Bags, which go home weekly with all children to support Literacy development at home.

Our Library book bags contain a crib sheet for parents to support them in why Literacy is important, questions they could ask their child whilst sharing their chosen book, top tips for Literacy and things to consider. We also have 'Reading Logs' for our Bright Beginners, so that parents and children are encouraged to discuss the chosen book and provide feedback to us as practitioners on their Literacy journey at home.

Each week your child will spend time 1-1 or in small group with an Early Years Professional, choosing their own book from preschool to take home to share with you as parents for the week. We read this book first here at preschool to make sure it is the one they would like to take, we talk about the content, the phrases, the pictures, and the book itself, and then pop this into their Library Book Bag to take home with you.

We actively encourage parents to return their child's book bag weekly so that their book can be replenished and the reading journey can continue.

To find out more about why literacy is important in early years please have a look at the school readiness support website below

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