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Car Seat Safety...

Whilst the weather remains chilly we thought a good topic to discuss and educate our parents and carers on would be car seat safety.... offering some tips and encouraging your children to understand the importance of buckling up to be safe on your journeys! As parents/carers we spend a lot of time and money choosing the 'best' and 'safest' car seats to keep our precious children safe in the event of any accident.

However, did you know, that if your child is wearing a thick coat, their harness will not be close enough to their body to protect them? In a collision, the harness is effectively loose enough that a child’s body could move before the harness starts to restrain the child, which reduces the safety of the seat considerably. If you are worried about your child being too cold in these winter months, a great tip would be to have a blanket in the car to cover them whilst in their car seat or to place on a woolly hat to keep their head and ears warm.

Another topic of conversation is that sometimes whilst in the car children will unbuckle themselves whilst moving. A scary thought hey? So how can we or how do we stop them doing this? At preschool we use this as a conversation during circle times or with small groups, explaining why we shouldn’t undo ourselves and that’s a grown-ups job - lets stay safe whilst in the car!

I hope you found this useful? We would love to hear about more topics we could discuss and help educate our families on? - Please do let us know.

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