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At preschool we absolutely love getting our parents and families involved in their child's learning and activities.

We are actively seeking parents/family members who would like to come into the setting (when they have time of course) to do the following with our children;

-Share a story

-Talk about a religion

-Talk about a country you have visited or lived in

-Discuss their job e.g. paramedic, Police, Vet, Doctor, Hairdresser, farmer - Anything interesting for the children

-Play an instrument

-Show an animal

-Lead an activity with the children e.g. planting seeds

-Lead physical classes e.g. rugby, dance, Pilates, football etc.

-Anything else you feel you can add to the children's learning and development

Parent partnership is really important to us and we value each and every child's parents and extended families.

If you would like to do any of the above or have anything else you think we would love to hear about please let us know

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